7. Three Fish and a Spider

by Jarvo J November. 23, 2008 3967 views

Lessons From Shooting Fish In A Barrel:

- It??s surprising how the light fades towards the bottom of the tank. It??s far easier to shoot near the top.
- I could only use the 12mm extension tube; the fish won??t swim close enough for the other tubes to work.
- I found that I wasn??t quick enough to focus manually, so it was back to AF for this one, but it only works when there is a single point of focus.
- Not sure which lens is best; the 50mm has a wider aperture, but the 17-85 focuses a lot more quickly.
- Need to avoid areas where there are scratches on the tank ?? the fish seem to know this and go straight to the areas where it??s difficult to shoot.
- Never think that feeding the fish will make the job easier. One sniff of granulated muck and they swim around like maniacs.
- Because of the low Depth of Field, it??s best to try and capture the fish in profile.
- Because of the low DoF, it??s best to focus on the fish??s eyes, as the whole body may not be in focus.
- ISO 1600 is horrible and grainy ?? only use this when really desperate.
- Putting the right amount of gin in the tank makes the fish swim in an amusing manner (courtesy of Viz Top Tips).
- Hatchet fish are our friends. They stay still longer than the other fish.

Canon EOS 400D, Canon 50mm Lens, Kenko 12mm Extension Tube.

And Boris the Spider:

After spending hours at the fish tank with limited success, this little house spider appeared from nowhere and I had two half-decent shots in a matter of minutes. I did find that the easiest way to focus was to ignore the lens and just change the position of the camera.

Lin, who is not a big fan of spiders, seemed unusually calm about this one, presumably because it was so small. That is until I showed her the image on the LCD screen. ??Is that what it looks like?? she asked. ??Of course?, I replied. ??Get it out! Get it out! Get it out of my house!!!? That is when I knew I??d done a good job.

Canon EOS 400D, Canon 50mm Lens, Kenko 36mm Extension Tube.

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