135. Creepin' Up The Back Stairs

by Jarvo J March. 31, 2009 5266 views

There are many buidlings that are so iconic, they are instantly recognisable to people who haven't even seen them. The trouble is that the icons take over and we don't see the building itself, just the famous image. So what happens when instead of taking the usual tourist (or tv, or internet) image we creep up the back stairs? How many of these famous buildings can you recognise from these unfamiliar angles?

If you want to play the game, feel free to guess away, if you want to know the answers then please scroll down the page. (clue: if you hadn't guessed it already, they are all in London)

Creepin Up The Back Stairs [youtube.com]

1. Houses of Parliament
2. Westminster Abbey
3. St Paul??s Cathedral
4. Bank of England
5. The Gherkin
6. Buckingham Palace (The Queen's House)
7. Tower Bridge
8. The Tower of London

What are these policemen guarding?

The church is?

What famous building is shrouded in plastic?

The taxi is speeding past which building before there's a riot?

Underneath which office block?

Who lives behind all this barbed wire?

What building has its foot planted in the river?

This lonesome figure is leaving which landmark?

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Gillian 11 years ago

Well, I only guessed a few right there and I thought I knew London quite well! More homework required.

11 years ago Edited
Ricardo 11 years ago

1# is amazing :):)

and i like the tower of london too!

11 years ago Edited
Sandra Vermeulen 11 years ago

Whoehaha... I had ..."zero" correct !!

11 years ago Edited
Miclaud 11 years ago

Very interesting serie!!!
I've got #1 answer... ;)))

11 years ago Edited
Stefan Fletcher 11 years ago

Here are my answers:
No. 1: the no entry signs
No. 2: ...knackered
No. 3:....sheep in the foreground? C'mon, who are you kidding
No. 4: you found a taxi? Where?
No. 5: Sir Elton John
No. 6: Some other old queen (oops, sorry)
No. 7: Where they are going to put the French nuclear aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, which usually manages a day at sea before breaking down. Again
No. 8: the extreme haircut parlour, i.e., close to Traitors' Gate?
Hey, I wasn't so far off after all...

11 years ago Edited
Péter Somogyvári 11 years ago

Great idea!! Very interesting set, excellent shots!

11 years ago Edited
Jet28 11 years ago

I really enjoyed this set - you make a good point! Happy to score 5 out of 8 - I get lost easily and often see the backs of buildings :-)

11 years ago Edited
Paul 11 years ago

Like wildcat.....I must go to London and really have my eyes open...
I scored 2...great set of images!

11 years ago Edited
Chris Buchan Jones 11 years ago

reallyt cool set I guessed a few, but I did get it was London, great idea!!

11 years ago Edited
Susan 11 years ago

What a good idea! (Only got # 1.) Enjoyed the sights, even by the back way!

11 years ago Edited
Marsha 11 years ago

Interesting quiz, Jon...and great shots to go along with.
#1 is beautiful - would love to see more photos of that sometime!

11 years ago Edited
Mehdi Saharkhiz 11 years ago

love these images, specially 4, 5

11 years ago Edited
Brian 11 years ago

Great set. I went 0 for 8! :)

11 years ago Edited
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