166. St Thomas's Hospital

by Jon Laysell May. 01, 2009 5888 views
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Kovacs Zsuzsanna 8 years ago


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Susan 8 years ago

Gorgeous set.

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Netii 8 years ago

wonderful panoramas of London!

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Tim 8 years ago

it is obvious it was the statue in 1 the one who threw the objects on the bin, though later shaked hands with someone to pretend,,,cough cough ;) 3 is impressive for the detail, adn I love 9 cos it is really a different way to show us London!

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Ricardo 8 years ago


I'm wondered what's the last 2! :P

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Stefan Fletcher 8 years ago

Ha! Gotcha! The pained expression on the statue's face is not due to the pyles (geologist's joke), but to the superfluous -s in your post title which caught my attention instead of these fascinating images (really liked 4 and 11, btw). Sorry for the split hairs, picked nits, etc.
I wonder how and why the objects ended up on top of the bins?

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Aslan G. Aghdam 8 years ago

Wow... so great !!
Beautiful shots
Great composition
And ...

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Jet28 8 years ago

Way cool!

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Gillian 8 years ago

The first 3 are very Gaudi-ish and I like the repetition of the yellow bins.

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Jumiella 8 years ago

Very interesting set. I love #4. I feel atmosphere of history.

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Gonia 8 years ago

6 and the 8th are super done, 1st three are great, pretty pictures as usual.

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Marsha 8 years ago

All wonderful and interesting shots with great perspective! My favorite is #8, but #s 1-3 are also intriguing.

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Michael Sakowicz 8 years ago

Fantastic shots, Jon.

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Brian 8 years ago

Very nice! Great set.

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Art Bee 8 years ago

Absolutely amazing photos!

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