253. Thistle Do

by Jarvo Laysell September. 10, 2010 4514 views

Some photos are interesting because they are well taken; they are well composed, well lit and have a certain clarity to them. Others are of interest because they capture a particular incident happening. I hope that this picture falls into the second group, because it certainly doesn't fall into the first.

Here we see a bee and a peacock butterfly fighting over a thistle. As the butterfly pokes its tongue out, the bee holds out a leg to stop it.

If I'm right the bee is a Psithyrus Rupestris, this is a type of cuckoo bee. So named because of the way it chooses to rear its young - or not.

Use the magnifying glass to escape the confines of Photoblog's narrow width policy.

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Andrea 7 years ago

Very beautiful!

7 years ago Edited
Jennye 7 years ago

Oh wow, this is fantastic!!!

7 years ago Edited
Helen Hooker 7 years ago

What a fascinating moment in nature - I'm glad you posted it.

7 years ago Edited
Nikoleta Mladenova 7 years ago

Very beautiful set!!!

7 years ago Edited
Ricardo 7 years ago

[i]Psithyrus rupestris[/i] is correct!
and I know what you mean about the 2 sides!
I usually put mine in the side 2, because I want to show it, not to make pictures sharp and macros!lol

7 years ago Edited
Goldbrandi 7 years ago

Oh..nice! :))

7 years ago Edited
Gerd Korts 7 years ago

Lucky you to get this moment and lucky us having a magnifying glass

7 years ago Edited
Sandra Vermeulen 7 years ago

How well seen of you, amazing!!!

7 years ago Edited
Farideh_Homam 7 years ago

Wow very lovely post.

7 years ago Edited
Becky Brannon 7 years ago

Great post!

7 years ago Edited
Marsha 7 years ago

Whoa, that is a very timely capture....excellent!! Hehe..."photoblog's narrow width policy"....I love it ;)))

7 years ago Edited
Maria Matos 7 years ago

Very good macro!

7 years ago Edited
Lynda 7 years ago

Great shot

7 years ago Edited
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