Mass Observation (IV): The Worst Photo Ever Seen on Photoblog and the Reason Behind it.

by Jarvo J May. 05, 2011 2956 views

I wasn't going to post this picture, it is just too awful. In fact I am convinced that it is probably the worst ever photo to ever appear on PB.

I didn't think my post would be interesting enough to foist such a horrible picture on everyone. Then by chance today the topic was in the news. So I thought, why not?

Their Story

It was reported today that The General Dental Council (UK) are calling for greater controls on teeth whitening. [] They argue that such procedures are difficult, potentially dangerous and should be officially counted as dental work, meaning that they can only be carried out by qualified dentists.

My Story

My angle is to use this picture of a shopfront advertising teeth whitening to question whether all promotions are worthwhile. Might some of them put people off of a product or service rather than attract them. This, I believe, is a possibility here.

The picture shows a poster in a shop window. Beneath the poster they have added the price of the treatment - clearly they believe this to be enticing to the customer. But why? To me this sign shows a lack of forethought - if this business has a strategy of competing on price, why not get this incorporated into the poster in the first place. Secondly it is hand written in ugly graphics. If I were to have a form of surgery I'd want the person doing it to demonstrate their technological skills not their ability to scribble with a marker pen. I'd also want someone who was capable of demonstrating a fine degree of manual dexterity. Frankly I don't want someone playing about inside a delicate area of my body with all the skill and refinement of a kid with a box of crayons.

I am highly unlikely to have my teeth whitened. Frankly, it just doesn't interest me. If I was though, I think it's just about 100% certain that I wouldn't get it done here.

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Sandra Vermeulen 8 years, 8 months ago


Strong point of view!!!

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