usual work day

by Jessi August. 04, 2007 1650 views

i was out back hanging around and i noticed, as i stared up at my fave palm out there, that the moon was still hanging around in the middle of the afternoon so i snapped it with my cam phone for my random phone picture post and ended up using it here as well… who knows when i'll see it like that again, so know i'll remember when the last time was… tee hee

i've been messing around with this site for photo editing, i have photoshop but never bother to use it, it's easier to me to just have a handy dandy online site, quicker too…

but anyway i was messing around with it, and did a regular photo then cropped and did the black and white, nothing special, but it was fun to see how it all worked on that site… here it is: []

my fave tree out back at work, it's just so dang tall, and usually has the best clouds, today though, it was the moon, just hanging out in the middle of the day… tee hee

cant see it well but i was just playing with the features of the site i linked below, it's not photoshop but it is fun and easy

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Jessi 9 years, 9 months ago

oh... some features from the above link:

One-click photo fixing or in-depth tweaking

Crop, rotate, and resize in real-time

Tons of special effects, from artsy to fun

Amazingly fast

Works directly with many photo sharing sites

No download required, nothing to install!

Works on Mac, Windows, even Linux

Free version, premium version (soon)

9 years, 9 months ago Edited