devs bday part 2... orlando

by Jessi August. 31, 2007 1207 views

we took dev and dew to orlando to finish his bday… what can i say, it was excellent!!

run dew run!

is he coming?!

he's gonna getchya!!

loo's lodge… is the restrooms…. cracked me up ;)

garbage cans are made to look like luggage, tee hee

kids were silly today

ice! fire!

told you they were silly

fern trees?! heh heh

yeah, forgot to put the closup feature on… i only just found it last week (le sigh…)

same thing, and it's an outside slidey button on the cam, you'd think i'd have figured out what it was for long ago… this wasnt entirely bad though… we're second row: ann, dew, dev, me (looking down, i know where the cam is… lmao)

the employee (far right) hooked dev up and off he went, then he hooked dew up and challenged her, it was pretty cool, she ended up beating them both!

and then we had the place to ourselves…

we took an odd route home, i love going with her, she knows orlando well… she mentioned i might like to see something and i sure did!

this just slays me… there was absolutely nobody around on my fave road home, so i stopped dead in the road to get a pic of the the big ass horned beast, he stops dead and looks at me like wtf?! and the bird below him stops dead and also looks right at me!! then all of a sudden, the big wench (she's nearly as wid as she is long, which you cant see) comes charging right up to that spot and does the same wtf?! look at me, it was just eerie how the bird never flinched and all the cows (and more you cant see) all looked at me… had to be there… heh heh

and then i nearly ran over this (box?) turtle, so i took him home with me to see what he is and if its okay that we check him out for a bit

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