by Jewelia Brasseaux October. 31, 2020 90 views

Sorry for not posting the past two weeks I have been busy with traveling and going to church meetings and seeing friends and family. I am currently traveling in the states and I wasn’t planning to post a blog while I was here but I saw these trees and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk about it so let’s get into it! These photos are of water oaks in Lafayette, Louisiana and they are so pretty and great climbing trees. But they can't handle a lot of pressure from high winds, tropical storms, or hurricanes because like in their name water oaks are mainly filled with water and need to be around water to survive. They will slit in half (like you see in the last photo) from too much pressure and that made me think of something that happens a lot in Christianity. That is surface-level Christians or people who claim to be fully in love with Jesus. What I mean by that is, people who are surface-level Christians when it is hard or a storm hits they give up and say that it's all God's fault. They tend to blame their problems on God or they say that the Christin life is too hard so they give up and walk away from the church. But my response to someone who is like that is Matthew 4:17 which says, "But since they have no root, they last only a short time. When trouble or persecution comes because of the Word, they quickly fall away." They were never truly rooted in the Word of God and they never had full faith in God. But people don’t always stop and give up on God because things are hard they can also give up and walk away because the enemy lies to them telling things that aren't true and they get discouraged then walk away. You have to have your roots planted by water but they have to be deeply rooted not just on the surface. Look at the second photo, those are the roots of water oaks, you can see how the roots are above ground and they aren't completely underground. That’s one reason why they can be easily destroyed in strong winds or storms, their roots aren't deeply rooted so they can be taken out easily. That reminds me of a scripture in James 1:6 which says, "But when you as, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind." This scripture reminds me of a time in my life where I was blaming God for everything bad that happened to me. I was doubting God and what he called me to do in my life and because I was doubting Him I was easily tossed by the enemy; who was trying to destroy me in every way he could possible. But the moment I started trusting in God and being planted by the water of life and being rooted in His word I began to flourish and I became stronger like a mighty oak tree. So who are you? Be honest. Are you a surface-level Christian who is easily persuaded to give up or are you willing to be planted in the word of God to become stronger? Do you want to stay in the place of complacency or in a place of moving forward in Christ? I know I want to be a big oak tree planted by the streams of God's word and not just a water oak who can be easily destroyed.

Yours truly, Jewels

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