What these men accomplished is truly amazing. These were taken at The Wright Brothers Memorial in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. It is well done and…

I was lucky to look outside and see the night sky glowing with a nearly full moon. The clouds were out but did not block out Mr. Moon!

As you can see, this dynamic duo can attract a crowd on the streets of Lisbon. Notice the furry friend collects the money using his mouth!

The merchants await the arrival of the sun and fun seekers. These were taken at the Outer Banks (OBX), in Duck, North Carolina.

This house has a kind of haunted quality to it. I snapped this as a drove on a North Carolina side road.

Can you just imagine the beautiful “city” sounds when the occupancy is full! I saw this on a bike ride and it put a smile on my face!

These old relics are tucked in amongst the modern day monstrosities! Like most things in life, some have made it through in fine repair, and some have been…

This looks like a great place to go to school. Beautiful color and design. I recently paid a visit and of course took my cameras!
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