My Favorite of 2015

by Jeff Cornish December. 31, 2015 1741 views

I hiked up a snowy hill, drawn by the squawking sounds I had heard from afar. I was rewarded with this scene.

I have a hard time picking out what is my best photo, since I post every day. In many ways, each of my photos is a favorite.

In 2016 I plan on stepping up my photography, If we don't improve we seem to go backwards.

May 2016 be your best year as you keep moving forward too.

Here are the Best of 2015 for others on PB []

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Chossid 5 years ago

Lovely choice!

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Jumiella 5 years ago


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Marsha 5 years ago

Great perspective and love the symmetry in this shot! I agree that we should keep pressing on, learning, and becoming better.....but easier said than done. Good to have a goal or an ongoing challenge - something I hope to come up with for myself in the New Year.

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Sarah Capawana 5 years ago

Happy New Year, great photo.

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Diane Davis 5 years ago

I loved this one when you first posted it. Great choice. Happy New Year.

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Sadhya Rippon 5 years ago

I can understand your dilemma. So many great ones to choose from.

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Olga Helys 5 years ago


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Bill Baird 5 years ago

Great find (as always) Happy New Year !

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Moira 5 years ago

Happy new Year

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Jacki 5 years ago

What a scene that would be to come across... I can "hear" them!! Happy New Year, Jeff!

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Marilyn Grimble 5 years ago

Fabulous and Faved! Mxx.
All the best for 2016

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Brenda Nelson 5 years ago

Of the many incredible images you've taken/posted this year, Jeff, I have no idea how you could select just one - but this is a winner, for sure! Keep clickin' in 2016....

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Stefan Fletcher 5 years ago

I like your point about them being all your favourites, Jeff. All the best for 2016.

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