Sand and Sunset

by Jeff Cornish September. 18, 2020 394 views
A timeless combination

A timeless combination

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R Kuerbovich 4 months ago

Great picture!

4 months ago Edited
Welovemosaics - 4 months ago

Amazing photo!

Did you know sunbeams are also known as crepuscular rays, as they occur during crepuscular hours, i.e. those around sunset and sunrise. Photos like this puts life into perspective. Truly amazing. 

Have a look at this sunbeam photo mosaic made up of over 6,000 sun photographs.

Why have one amazing sun photo when you can have thousands!


4 months ago Edited
Tsao T-F 4 months ago

Good composition! Good!!

4 months ago Edited
Rachele Schneekloth 4 months ago

I love the expanse of sand -- I want to take a step forward!

4 months ago Edited