Monogram California Street 'Vette -1:24 scale

by Jeffrey D Smith December. 31, 2020 148 views

Check out this vintage model. I built it around 1973 at age 13. It is Monogram's 1:24 scale California Street 'Vette - "Custom Car Designer Tom Daniel's Personal Corvette."

You can see a photo of the actual car that this kit was derived from here:
According to the article, Mr. Daniel also designed the Munster Mobile and the Red Baron car!

When I built this 'Vette model, I was in a bit of a hurry, and made a very basic mistake which caused the side-pipes to be mis-aligned. 45 years later I decided to fix it. So I removed the side-pipes, applied some heat to the manifold to help re-position it, then re-glued everything. Why did I wait so long to do that? Because the car was in a box of shredded newspaper for over 40 years!

One interesting thing about this model is it was molded in orange and black plastic which reduced the painting. The only thing I had to paint was some chrome trim and the red tail-light. The down side is it shows all the glue smears and fingerprints. It was a durable kit - the only broken parts were the rear-view mirror was loose and one wheel had busted off at the axle. I fixed the axle with a hot straight-pin.

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