Monogram "Quicksilver" Chevy panel truck -1:24 scale

by Jeffrey D Smith December. 31, 2020 210 views

I built this Monogram Quicksilver model kit when I was a teen. The kit is vintage 1973, but the Chevy it comes from is a 1960 Panel Wagon.

After a few short years on my display shelf, the car hibernated in a box full of shredded newspaper for about 30 years. It suffered a broken rear axle, and the roof glass had come un-glued. Other than that it was in great shape! I repaired the axle with a straight-pin and a Bic lighter. A few drops of glue later and it was ready to display!

The model was designed by Tom Daniel. My favorite part of the kit was the carpet, which was rare for a plastic model kit.

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