Lady in White

by Jen Hyland December. 31, 2016 651 views

Girl in White and two Chevrolets in Havana, Cuba

Lady in White and two Chevrolets in Havana, Cuba

I had visited Havana back in March 2016 and while walking around, I spotted a lady in white who was ready to cross the road where two Chevrolet's had stopped. Both her style and the old vintage Chevrolets looked like a natural scene that was set back in the 60's. The filter I used just put on a finishing touch. After talking with some locals, it turns out women who dress formally in white on Sunday's and who walk silently on the streets of Havana (as seen in this picture here) do so as they are relatives and wives of jailed dissidents. They dress this way on Sunday's after attending mass and the white that they wear from head to toe symbolizes peace. 

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Becky Brannon 4 years, 3 months ago

It certainly does feel like a throwback photo! Interesting story to go with it

4 years, 3 months ago Edited