Preparing the truck... (carnival)

As I told you I was really preparing the carnival starting on sunday in the streets… This year we're using spared plastic bottle caps (Mabi938 showed our truck in town…) ! We got 7000 of them from a recycling place, and we will give them back when we finish carnival. Our costumes were made using them also. We are in town on sunday and thuesday with kids and their parents. Thet started without me, then I came to help, sew and fix some bottle caps on the truck. I could only do my outfit in the morning before going in the streets….

A friend of us who has a company carrying oil, gave us a truck so we went to his place, where the truck was parked, to prepare it for carnival…

They had made holes in thousands of plastic bottle caps and put them together on a plastic line (that are used for "scoubidous")

All was put in bag waiting for the day… and of course they were in complete mess when opening the bags…

So we had to separate them… not as difficult as it may seem…

you only have to look for the caps that holds everything then it's okay… it took a couple of minutes anyway…

Then we have to fix them on the lines or rods… all around the truck…

… and over it… many came to help so it went kind of quick…

… and add the name of the group…

left to right : Sonia, Danielle, her sister Evelyne and a friend. Danielle is the main person who has the idea and in charge of Ti Kréol. That's her who manages the play for kids around christmas in which I participate every year… she is a singer

We added some more all around, and it's ready and the day. There you can see young girls wearing the costume.

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    • # Glennis

      Interesting, colourful post! What a great idea to use bottle tops! Happy carnival!

      2008.02.04 Reply Cancel

    • # Mat

      Wonderful and colorful pics! I love shots of primary colors. Those sure looked like they would have been a complete nightmare to untangle! Great idea too to make costumes with bottle caps!

      2008.02.05 Reply Cancel

    • # Jacki

      Fun shots... I absolutely love the way the bottle caps looks!

      I have a friend here who owns a place called the Scrap Box. She collects things from small manufacturing companies that they would otherwise throw out... the unused part of products they make. Then she puts it all in her "store" and resells it... mostly to art teachers and kids for making projects. A great recycling place. I'm going to show her this idea!

      2008.02.05 Reply Cancel

    • # Carley

      The truck looks terrific! And so do the kids..... I love the picture with the 3 hands working with the caps..... beautiful!

      2008.02.05 Reply Cancel

    • # Lisa

      Wow! That is so cool! What fun and a great way to reuse items like that. Who knew you could do that!

      2008.02.05 Reply Cancel

    • # Allison

      It came out beautiful. Thanks for showing us how it was all created. How interesting. I want to come to Carnival next year. It looks like so much fun.

      2008.02.05 Reply Cancel

    • # Miclaud

      Quel boulot, dans un esprit citoyen...
      Un tème original, coûtant pratiquement rien. Je suis certaine que votre char fera de l'effet!

      2008.02.05 Reply Cancel

    • # Nadoune

      C,est très original,çà donnera des idées pour faire des magnifiques rideaux,mais vous avez travaillé sans relache,pour décorer ce char
      J,aime bien l,idée.... ORIGINAL!!!!!

      2008.02.05 Reply Cancel

    • # Unige

      This is a great idea! I like the colours, the pictures are good, congratulations! :)

      2008.02.05 Reply Cancel

    • # Deedee

      Beautiful!!!!I saw you guys on internet Tv for the Sunday Carnival,Great and Faubulous!!!!!Ti Kreol,Bravo!!!Thanks for sharing with us Jen.

      2008.02.06 Reply Cancel

    • # Jack

      this is SO different from mardi gras in new orleans.

      and it is so much better.

      2008.02.07 Reply Cancel

    • # Nayah

      Ce post me fait penser à une très belle chanson: "Joli, joli, joli! ....oooh! joli! " Du boulot mais le résultat est là!

      2008.02.08 Reply Cancel

    • # Catseyes

      Great concept, beautiful effect. It must have been so exciting to see the project finished.

      2008.02.15 Reply Cancel

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