What tending and growing my garden has taught me

by Jennie Helena September. 12, 2020 115 views

1. Sow healthy seeds early, a good start is important.

2. Water every day.

3. Cultivate carefully. Cut away the old, dead and dry so that the new and green can flourish.

4. Make sure vines don’t stray into the wrong area.

5. Pull out the weeds that don’t belong.

Now apply all of these philosophies to relationships.

1. Set healthy expectations and boundaries early in a relationship.

2. Shower with love daily.

3. Like the old dead leaves, leave mistakes in the past, so you can nurture what is still good.

4. When either person strays in the wrong direction correct course and move on.

5. When someone, or something interferes, eliminate their presence from your life. Like weeds they can overpower what is good.

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John Durham 1 year ago

Well said - Nature has always taught us the best lessons, if only we will learn.

1 year ago Edited
Jennie Helena Replied to John Durham 1 year ago

Thank you! If people were more open to learning what a beautiful world we might have!

1 year ago Edited
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