Pak Ou Cave

by Jennifer Patience August. 23, 2007 1910 views

About 2 hours north of Luang Prabang by boat is are a couple of caves carved out of the limestone cliffs.
The lower of the caves are full of Buddhas, all of different sizes and different styles crammed into every available nook and cranny. It was a very claustrophic atmosphere. Also adding to the very cramped feeling of all these buddhas was the rather large number of tourists all visiting the cave at once and trying to pile up the tiny staircase in order to see.

Apparently once a year the king used to visit and stay in one of the villages and come to the caves every day to pray. He also built a stupa that is said to grant the wish of anyone that hugs it.
Unfortunately for me the stupa was out on a ledge, very high up and with at least a 40 ft vertical drop to the river, so my wish is going to have to wait til another day.

Nikon D70s 29/07/2007

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