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by Jennifer Patience October. 14, 2007 1897 views

When you spend time in Korea there are certain things that you can't help but notice:
Kimchi [photoblog.com] - spicy, fermented cabbage (or vegetables) eaten at every meal and the adjumma.
In Korea a young unmarried girl would be referred to as agasshi, an older married woman as ajumma, the equivalent of miss, mrs, or signorina, signora. However ajumma is more than just a name, it has developed into a lifestyle, a character. There are associations with the word ajumma that can get you into trouble if you mistakenly call an agasshi, “ajumma”.

However, these ladies were definitely ajumma and were full of fun. I caught them here on the street on a weekend when they had got together to prepare the kimchi. The spice mixture is prepared in the buckets and then they stuffed the (chinese) cabbage leaves before placing them in pots to ferment for the winter.

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