boston: day 5

by Jezterr May. 21, 2008 3617 views

actually, it was a photoshoot that my friend, jeff, requested i do for the new england aquarium in boston. was a pretty cool experience. i was tempted, every time a penguin got in my face, to just grab ‘em and cuddle ’em to death, cuz they were so cool looking.

unfortunately, i can't show the actual pictures i took, as they belong to the aquarium, but needless to say, it was a fun shoot. learned a lot due to the really crappy lighting that they had in the tray.

probably one of the coolest things i've ever done.

the last day of the conference turned out to be pretty nice.

bill strickland. one of the most inspiring humanitarians i've ever heard speak, was the keynote speaker ending the how design conference.

then i randomly ran into the local aquarium and jumped into the penguin tray and attacked all the penguins.

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Lulu.D 9 years, 4 months ago

looks fun

9 years, 4 months ago Edited