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Growing up, I was always getting lost. Kids were at baseball practice - I was sitting by a creek whittling a stick, out bird hunting with my grandfather, or getting dirty somehow. I liked working with my hands and being creative. I liked making something from something else. I grew up knowing that shaking of a hand meant you kept your word. I learned more listening to stories than any school book taught me. After a few years of losing touch with creativity, I rekindled a love for both photography and stories. These photos are some of my stories.

In high school I began classes in art and graphic design. While these didn't last through college, I never lost the desire to for be creative and create something in general. Recently, I decided to make taking photos a priority. To get out and see new places, to meet new people, and to document my own stories. I am still developing my own style in photography. Currently, I would describe it as adventure meets a rustic/modern lifestyle. Portraits also interest me quite a bit - being able to show someone else's story is so powerful. I love grit and texture, clean colors, and calm tones. It's a journey I love taking.

Outside of photography, I love all things outdoors. I am an avid bird hunter, fisherman, and explorer. I enjoy being on the water stand up paddling and also in the mountains hiking or climbing. I love vintage goods, handmade items, and classic cars. You can find me at a cozy diner, sipping coffee, and enjoying conversation [breakfast all day please and thank you!]. I embrace simplicity and bringing rustic ideas back to modern life.

I hope I can tell you a story and share something new. Please comment, leave feedback, or advice. If you're from the northeast, let's connect!
Thanks everyone for the support! -Joe


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  • Olympus OM-D E-M10 mki
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