About James (...Surprise!)


Born in '71, living in the UK.
Currently working as a Project/Design Engineer for a large company which manufactures safety/monitoring equipment for oil and gas processing facilities.
Have enjoyed photography for well over 20 years so spanning the film and digital eras... currently using a Fuji S9600 high spec bridge compact... may move back to SLR at some time but this current package so far suits my usage and requirements.
I have always enjoyed the outside life, walking when and where I can in all seasons... the south of england provides many spectacular areas of exceedingly natural beauty and a diverse selection of wildlife, fauna and flora. I have no real preference to my subjects but it has to be said that I find the miniature world which macro photography can highlight to be particularly satisfying to explore.
Of course, my constant companions, in the form of several 4-legged canine wonders provides many great opprotunities to hit the button and shoot away!!

Hope that what I post provides enjoyment, wonder, maybe even inspiration... it would be a nice feeling if so........ and even critisism!!.... constructive though please !! >:-))


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