Old School

by Pino Pino April. 07, 2019 820 views

There is just something about my old film cameras - really just a box with a hole that you set the size of (aperture) and then you open (shutter) for however long your eye and your gut told you to... gauging exposure by TRULY looking at the scene/subject, only 12 (okay, maybe 24) opportunities to capture the image, the thrill of seeing the image magically appear in the darkroom hours (or even days) after you captured it, and being physically involved in its final outcome by ACTUALLY dodging and burning and the such. You had to SEE the scene, you had to VISUALIZE the shots, you had to DEVELOP them, and you continued your HANDS ON CREATIVE PROCESS in the dark room.

Don't get me wrong - I LOVE my Pentax DSLRs... but I can love them and also be nostalgic about my little film babies.

Cell phones certainly have provided photographic opportunity... the opportunity for people to see less - point, phone/camera makes 1,000,000 decisions with no input from you, shoot, chimp, repeat ad nauseam to maybe get one decent photo to either post on social media and forget or, more likely, to immediately forget and let die a digital death in phone's cloud storage account.

I say opportunity because not everyone has fallen victim to the digital photo glut and black hole we've been offered. I've seen some amazing photos taken with true photographic intent on cell phones... I do so on occasion myself when the perfect image presents itself and I can't get to my actual camera before it is gone - I'm a little clumsy trying to get my phone to capture the image as I envision it should be, but usually I do okay - in part because I keep my cell phones long enough to figure the silly camera app out (much to the chagrin of my 'perpetually offering a new phone upgrade' cellular carrier).

Maybe I mean that we need another word... photography: the act of intentionally capturing life's stories in images... 'some other word': pushing the shutter and being present while an image is digitally recorded.

I don't know - maybe that's just me. I'm old. It happens. I'm okay with it. I have a cool Exakta camera and it makes me happy... and Happy is Cool.

So do what makes you happy... and be cool. ;)

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Berckmans Peter 2 years ago

Looks like a nice camera. I have a few old ones. Voigtlander and old Kodak. Also an Agfa synchro box . Still trying them out .

2 years ago Edited
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