Ugh! That dog!

by Pino Pino May. 12, 2019 386 views
One of our Siberian Huskies... the first female we've had... and, UGH, that dog!

One of our Siberian Huskies... the first female we've had... and, UGH, that dog!

She eats things...

Blankets & Pillows - what is that about!?!
Books - she eats BOOKS... takes them right off my library shelves! Literally! Like she is a little demon anti-librarian! Rare Collectible Books!
Candles - yes, CANDLES! Climbed up on and around our whirlpool tub and ATE CANDLES!
Shoes - seriously... what could she possibly resent about the things we put on every time we take her out for a walk!?!

She randomly GOES in the house...

House trained, but every once in a while she just decides she would rather not be...

UGH! That dog!

But here's the thing...

She's thinking about something.

I mean, look at all the photos of her...

She's thinking... about SOMETHING...

And I don't know what she is thinking about... yet.

So she is a mystery to me...

And I love a mystery...

So she stays.

But, UGH! That dog!

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Heike 1 week ago

So sweet pic and a funny story! smile

1 week ago Edited
Pino Pino Replied to Heike 1 week ago

Our most perplexing Husky but also most photogenic... she is quite the lovably little mystery...

1 week ago Edited
Bethany Plonski 1 week ago

Very sweet photo. We came home one night to find out our dog had eaten a book right off the shelf too. smile They have strange appetites sometimes.

1 week ago Edited
Pino Pino Replied to Bethany Plonski 1 week ago

They are knuckleheads some times... cute, loving, loyal... but definitely knuckleheads...

1 week ago Edited
Camellia 1 week, 1 day ago

We are our dog's slaves. I have a dog similar to yours. Does random things that make absolutely no sense and every day I yell his name out loud at least once because his action was just beyond understanding. And yet he has lived here for 13 going on 14 years. We are our dog's slaves smile

1 week, 1 day ago Edited
Pino Pino Replied to Camellia 1 week, 1 day ago

Ha! Very true... but they are full of unconditional love so you can never stayed annoyed with them for long...  grinning

1 week, 1 day ago Edited