Pentax\Ricoh Street Photography...

by Pino Pino July. 06, 2019 1574 views

The topic of street photography came up twice today...

While shooting my Pentax KP (with Pentax 100mm 2.8 marcro) at the farmer's market with my wife I mentioned that the flip-up screen made the KP perform similarly to my old RICOHFLEX waist view medim format... and with the option to switch to live view and full electronic shutter on the KP I could run completely silent... the perfect combination for street photography.

The screen does not swing all the way around into 'selfie' position, but then a photographer does not need that... nor do most want that - far as I can tell.

The screen moves exactly where I need it - set position for 'regular' shooting and up/lean position for 'street' shooting.

I have the option of standard SLR or going pretty much full-on mirror-less mode... so I can choose if my style of the day demands the extra battery power for mirror-less (electronic shutter & display -silent) or optical viewfinder and reflex.

It is amazingly small and light - rivaling the compactness of some mirror-less bodies - but offers me three different interchangeable grips... (I tend to like the larger, but that is my personal preference)...

It has amazing image stabilization built into the body - a Pentax staple that I appreciate in many situations.

All of this and it can still wear all my Pentax K-Mount lenses... ALL of them.

So best of all worlds...

Okay, this sounds a little like a Pentax/Ricoh commercial, but it is really truly how I feel.

Why do I shoot, and continue to shoot, Pentax? Because they build cameras for me... a photographer. They design and build great cameras, great lenses, and they do it all around a great philosophy - they design and build for photographers. Period.

Today my 'street' shots were of fruit and vegetables instead of people - at the Naperville, Illinois, 5th Avenue Train Station farmer's market - but I shot them at waist height (I didn't go full silent - was plenty noisy and the KP is reasonably quiet even in full reflex mode) so was able to, for the most part, remain unobtrusive and photograph without the camera being a disruptive part of the environment.

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