A Little Vintage Street...

by Pino Pino July. 28, 2019 1011 views

So I decided to take the KP wearing the smc Pentax-M 1:2 50mm (Nifty 50) out for the day when my wife and I had some free time - Jr. had a party to go to so Mom and Dad got a little grown-up time together so off we went to lunch and an hour or two of conversation and strolling...

I did let the 'green button' do some of the maths for me when I needed them fast, but I also tried a little old-school 'sunny 16' on-the-fly when I found myself in a scenario where I could slowdown and think through a scene...

I even went full 'ninja' - stealth mode by flipping the LCD up for waist viewing, rigged for silent running via electronic shutter only, and focus preset for anticipated range so as to not be 'fidgeting' with focus as I walked and squeezed off shots...

I'm not super fast with adjusting settings with this manual lens on the KP just yet - but getting there... On my film cameras I move a little quicker because I mentally switch to 'film mindset' but on my DSLRs my brain keeps expecting all that DSLR-ness to be there so I have to occasionally remind myself [usually after a botched exposure] that I'm running manual - eventually I'm hoping to be able to go 'film mindset' more easily while holding a 21st century body in my hands. ;)

So here are the shots - all in b/w simply because they feel more 'streety' to me that way - less distraction... and one is sepia because I tried b/w but sepia just matched the actual scene and presented nicer in sepia because the packages were kind of a metalic gloss light gold which wasn't presenting properly in b/w to my eye.


Okay, I did go 'off ninja' for one tiny bit...
We were in the river - literally - looking at the ducks when a husband/wife/dog trio came in to let the dog splash around a bit to cool off... and the dog was having so much fun (and it was a beautiful dog - husky/shepherd mix by the looks of it) that I decided to take some shots... but I did ask them if it was okay before shooting - and, obviously, they said yes... so, chalk one up for friendly folk... ;) Out of courtesy I did intentionally keep her face out of the shots since I knew I'd likely be sharing these.

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Berckmans Peter 2 years ago

This lens had got a lovely style to it. very nice series

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Pino Pino Replied to Berckmans Peter 2 years ago


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