Nifty 50 Puppy Fun - Down Low...

by Pino Pino December. 25, 2019 713 views

Really, these shots work because I got down low - down at his eye level... just that little shift in perspective made all the difference in the world compared to the shots I'm NOT posting... :)

I also pushed to 4.0 instead of the wide open 1.4 - tried to get just enough that his face would be in full focus... I missed focus on the eyes slightly on the last one but close enough that I'm very happy with the result...

Lovable dog, too... he got over the 'what is that thingie you keep pointing at me' bit pretty quickly and then was happy to play tug and chew his bone... then spent the rest of the day on me so I think I made a new buddy... so win/win...

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