Thinking Big & Shooting Small

by Pino Pino April. 04, 2020 1173 views

So this whole 'shelter in place' thing has everyone going a little stir crazy... and I've had to think outside the box to find photo subjects - but my family has always been very supportive and tolerant of my photography addiction and this situation has been no different...

Lately I've been looking for little things that I can make look big:

JJ's stuffed animals...

JJ's toy spaceships...

For now, here are some of my recent spaceship shots:

One in 'game' battle...

One in 'drifting' isolation...

One in 'real' battle... (a few Photoshop stars)

Three on a 'transport mission'... (a LOT of Photoshop stars)

Today I think we may combine those two - JJ's stuffed animals playing with JJ's toy spaceships... perhaps with a little Kermit the Frog Reporting for Sesame Street News on the clash of the two universes... (100% of perceived puns intended)

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