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I had no idea it was a special day for the Moon on the 7th of April, 2020.

My son and I were in our shared home office and I was futzing with something when he suddenly said...

"Dad, look at the MOON!"

... ... ... ... ...

It was so cool that I tore the screen out of the window...

Literally - tore it... caught a little flack for that from my loving wife...

Grabbed my full frame camera...

I had NO IDEA how to shoot the moon so figured I'd go with the largest sensor I had...

and popped on my longest lens...

It's really far away, right? So figured longer is better.

And just started bringing the exposure down bit by bit until I was happy...

The Moon is SHOCKINGLY bright - so bright that I could not get it exposed properly without completely losing all the clouds and the potentially cool tree silhouetted in front of it. I kept trying but clouds were moving fast so didn't have a lot of time to experiment so no clouds in the shots unless the Moon was over exposed and completely blown out.

And... ... ... ...


My capture of what is apparently known as the Super Pink Moon - April 7, 2020.

[too many] dollars of photography gear.

A really cool memory of my son calling me to share an experience for the seeing something unique and awesome together that I will have for the rest of my life.


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Rajat Bhushan 1 year ago

amazing picture!

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Pino Pino Replied to Rajat Bhushan 1 year ago


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John Teti 1 year ago

A wonderful memory for you and your son. 👍

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