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Born in 1981, Joey DeMarco has always followed his passions. Whether he was pretending to storm the beaches of Normandy as a toddler or attending the opening of Star Wars: Episode I six times on opening day alone, Joey has never been afraid to be himself. He is an avid reader, a collector, and a movie fanatic, among many other things.

This zest for his passions, clearly, does not exclude his photography. As a photographer Joey has explored Star Wars pin-ups, cosplay shoots, family portraits, weddings, a 365 challenge, body paint shoots, toy photography, and a body positivity project. He is always looking to learn new things and challenge himself as an artist.

On the more personal side of things, Joey married the love of his life, Stacey, in November 2014. They just welcomed their first child, a son named Bennett, in January 2017. Joey spends most days staring at his son’s face and telling Stacey to “look at how perfect he is.” When not staring at Bennett, Joey can be found staring at the family’s black pug, Sarah - the other great love of his life.

Joey is never afraid to explore new avenues of his photography, so feel free to reach out to him for your photo needs.


You can find him on

- Facebook: Photography By Joey D (when he isn't being banned)

- Instagram: Photography by Joey D

- Twitter: @joeydemarco


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