Photograph Me

by John Barrow March. 09, 2017 850 views
Head and shoulders portrait of a young woman eating a piece of watermelon

A young man standing leaning proudly against a yellow pickup truck, pretending he owns it.

A man standing with two horses harnessed to a trailer outside the frame

We moved to Greylingstad, a small village in decline, in 2006 and left in 2014. This post introduces my photographic impressions of Greylingstad through photos of three passersby who called out ‘Photograph me’ at different times while I was wandering down the main street.


The posts over the next few weeks will elaborate on Greylingstad, giving, I hope, a sense of a small rural South African town shortly after the transition to democracy.


This is the first post in the Greylingstad sequence. The next post is No Longer There.

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