Particular Journeys and Common Experiences

by John Barrow October. 23, 2020 145 views

Book 2

Containing Tales of Particular Journeys and Common Experiences

Collected and Compiled from Six of the Nine Provinces of South Africa by John Barrow

Seweweekspoort, October 2018

Seweweekspoort, October 2018


Many Creatures live in a state of Amity with and Dependence on Others. Undoubtedly this state is agreeable to Many, but not to All, and it can create unwelcome Limitations. Other Creatures live in a state of Servitude and Subjugation which is disagreeable and from which they desire to escape.

This book contains Tales of Some who have broken away from their Bonds to Others in search of their own Destiny. Their Journeys demand Courage and can lead to surprising Transformations.

Near Napier, September 2020

Near Napier, September 2020

Overview of Forthcoming Posts

  1. Hindrances, Wherein the Traveller encounters Obstacles and Progress becomes Difficult
  2. Fowl, Wherein the Chicken risks Crossing the Road in the Journey to Freedom
  3. Cat, Wherein Apparent Indolence is Not an Impediment
  4. Omens, Wherein the Traveller perceives the Need for Caution
  5. Self Knowledge, Wherein the Traveller Engages in Introspection
  6. Dog, Wherein Loyalty to Others yields to Loyalty to Self
  7. Horse, Wherein Service to Others gives way to a Personal Journey

This Set of Tales continues the Investigation started in Book One, Journeys towards Freedom.

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