Further individual Journeys, and recurrent Tribulations

by John Barrow December. 18, 2020 145 views

Book 3

Containing Tales of further individual Journeys, and recurrent Tribulations

Collected and Compiled as a Companion Series to Animal Dreams by John Barrow

Tankwa Karoo NP, November 2017

Tankwa Karoo NP, November 2017


Such Experiences as herein assembled do not always bring timely Consolation or Reassurance, and while progressing through unexplored or forbidding Landscapes the Traveller may yearn for the Comforts and Security that lie in the Past.

However there is no Return, and leaving the Path can lead to Confusion and Bewilderment and thence to Fixity and Immobility. Nevertheless, those persevering with Clarity and Acceptance may eventually find Peace and Equanimity as they journey onwards.

These are not Tales of Quests, but merely of Journeys through Life. Nevertheless Heroes abound here.

Mountain Zebra NP, October 2019

Mountain Zebra NP, October 2019

Overview of Forthcoming Posts

  1. Peril and Danger, Wherein the Traveller becomes Aware that Perils Abound
  2. Unknown Territory, Wherein the Traveller must Determine their Own Path
  3. Former Comfort, Wherein the Traveller reflects on the Loss of the Past
  4. Set in Wood and Stone, Wherein the Traveller becomes Dilatory and Torpid
  5. Bird, Wherein far-ranging Flight reveals New Vistas
  6. Cow, Wherein the Herd is left Behind, and a Solitary Path followed
  7. Mannequin, Wherein Aspiration and Reality become reconciled

This Set of Tales follows Book One, Investigations of Journeys towards Freedom, and Book Two, Particular Journeys and Common Experiences.

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