Reflecting on Individual Journeys and Tribulations

by John Barrow February. 06, 2021 85 views

Before we end

Concluding this Investigation of Further Journeys and Recurrent Tribulations

The Chronicler of these Tales pursued many Journeys, not of mere Peregrination or Whimsy, but of careful Exploration and Investigation through circumjacent Territories and of detailed Study, and availed himself of the Pencil of Nature which records solely by the Passage of Light from the Subject to the Camera without Intervention of human Hand, and no one can doubt the Veracity of such direct Transcription.
The ordinary Lives portrayed here reach neither the Pilgrim’s Heights nor the Rake’s Depths, and there is no Moral to be learnt. Nevertheless, Who would true Valour see, let Them come hither.

Napier, October 2020

Napier, October 2020

These Tales were Collected and Compiled from Life under Demanding Conditions between the Years Two Thousand and Seven Anno Domini and Two Thousand and Twenty Anno Domini in Six of the Nine Provinces of South Africa as a Counterbalance to the four Books of Disregarded (published previously). I express my regret at Tales not told for various Reasons such as a need to hurry or an inability to make an adequate Record. This work was facilitated through the Unwavering Support of my Wife and Life Companion, Elizabeth.
This work is Copyrighted. Permission is Hereby Granted for Extracts to be made for Private Purposes.

Kruger NP, September 2011

Kruger NP, September 2011

This concludes Book Three, which describes Further Individual Journeys and recurrent Tribulations. This Investigation started in Book One, Investigations of Journeys towards Freedom, and continued in Book Two Particular Journeys and Common Experiences. This also concludes the series Many Journeys.

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R Kuerbovich 2 months ago

Utterly interesting but a bit difficult to understand all you are mentioning here. It seems words for those who are already initiated. I will start reading... thanks

2 months ago Edited
John Barrow Replied to R Kuerbovich 2 months ago

Thank you for responding. It must be difficult to understand what I'm trying to do with these posts especially because this is the final post in a series that started in September.

I am trying to combine several things here. First, early European explorers to Africa and elsewhere would publish books of their adventures when they returned. These often had descriptions of fantastical creatures. Second, there was the idea of going on a religious pilgrimage. Third was the idea of using animals in stories where one might expect humans (eg Aesop's fables).

Usually, photography documents reality. I'm trying to do something different - to present a fantasy using photographs instead of words. To emphasise that I'm using the blog differently to what one usually expects, I have used old-fashioned language in the introduction and conclusion of each of the three 'books' that make up the Many Journeys series.

This is not a very serious set of photographs, and I hope that viewers can have a bit of a laugh at it all. I also hope that several of the photographs are interesting enough to be worth looking at for their own sake.

2 months ago Edited
R Kuerbovich Replied to John Barrow 2 months ago

Thanks a lot for your explanation. I will indulge in your posts with great curiosity. Thanks

2 months ago Edited
John Barrow 2 months ago

I'd like to thank everyone who has responded to these posts. My life has become rather chaotic, so I'm taking a break for awhile. Go well and keep safe on your journey.

2 months ago Edited