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Kids might be disappointed to find no pool full of jellybeans, but a beautiful natural pool shaped like a jellybean in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.

Another bush walk out the back of our home in northern Sydney to help keep us in touch with nature and reality in these strange times.

In these troubled times it just seemed so apt. A restorative bush walk on the Salvation Track towards Refuge Bay. No, I'm not making it up.

Time to check out how our local bushland has responded to recent drought-breaking rain. (Yes, any excuse for a bushwalk and photos.)

Six weeks ago the Hunter Valley north of Sydney was dry as a bone and under threat from serious bushfires, but recent rains have transformed the landscape.

Over winter, the local fire services burnt the bushland behind my home to mitigate against possible larger fires in the summer. It's now regenerating before our…

As part of a recent trip to Nepal and Ladakh we grabbed the opportunity for a quick side trip around India's famous `golden triangle'. In no particular order ..…

My home state of New South Wales is suffering from drought and fire. Smoke haze is now constant and the setting sun each day is a red ball.

The small Himalayan city of Leh was our jumping off point for touring around Ladakh, but there are also plenty of interesting sights within and near the city.