John Wilson's Greece Posts

OK, so you may have thought this was a photo of the famous theatre at Epidaurus, Greece. I can certainly understand how you reached that conclusion.

Our four days on Crete just scratched the surface of this varied island's history and landscapes. Here are some random shots and impressions.

We read in more than one place that Falarsarna, western Crete, had sunsets `better than Santorini'. We decided to put it to the test.

We made a late decision to veer off track to the rugged Gramvousa Peninsula in Crete - it turned out to be a great call.

The beautiful town of Chania in Crete was a revelation of light and colour when we visited in October.

You've probably never heard of Dilofo - just a speck on the map, a tiny, near-deserted town in the Zagori region of Greece - and that's why we loved it.

Much-photographed places like Meteora always throw up a challenge - how can I possibly offer any new perspectives? Plus weather wasn't ideal. Anyway, enough…

Due to time pressures it took special effort to get to Delphi on our recent trip to Greece, but it was certainly worth it.

The vistas and colours around the Vikos Gorge and Zagori region, north-western Greece, were simply stunning when we visited in autumn.

A stopover in Athens nearly half a century ago was my first taste of another country and inspired a lifetime interest in travel. The return took a while but was…