John Wilson's Vietnam Posts

Saigon was treated mainly as an entry and exit point to Vietnam this time but we still squeezed in a little sightseeing.

Chaotic, organised, conservative, on the edge, old, new ... and in perpetual motion. If you haven’t been to Hanoi yet you simply haven’t lived.

After the initial shock of the extreme numbers of tourists, I came to enjoy my return to Hoi An. I found the best antidote to the intense crowds was simply to…

The World Heritage port town of Hoi An is in serious danger of being loved to death, but is still magnetic and absurdly photogenic.

On the list of `things to do' near Sa Pa is a visit to Love Waterfall, a pretty diversion on the way back from Mt Fansipan.

The peak of Mount Fansipan, highest in Indochina, is a fascinating and slightly bizarre place, a huge monument to religion, culture and tourism. So large in…

Two hours from Sapa via a hair raising mountain drive is Bac Ha, with its extraordinarily colourful Sunday market.

Here is the second half of our trek from the north west Vietnamese mountain town of Sapa into the Muong Hoa Valley.

Those brilliant green Sa Pa rice terraces gleaming in the sun ... Actually, we had the mud and rain version, but still a great experience.