Day 19: Der Geteilte Himmel/Divided Heaven

by Jon January. 19, 2012 7615 views

Neue Nationalgalerie- Oh, Deutschland, bleiche Mutter (Oh, Germany, Pale Mother)

At least that's the name of this section of the exhibit. I can't for the life of me remember either of the names of these artists. The painting in the background depicts an amputee on the beach. He's naked (Germany, again with nude beaches?). But it depicts a former German soldier, possibly showing a more honest (naked) truth about the post war scars.

The entire exhibition depicts post-war Germany (and beyond) between 1945-1968. This period of art attempted to work through the violent past (and at times tried not to deal with the past), for which the Germans have special term, die Vergangenheitsbewältigung. It really doesn't take any talent to take pictures of art, but that was 4 lovely hours of my day.

The exhibit wasn't just specifically German art. Picasso, Rothko, Stella, and Warhol were there as well. This is the time period when the wall was built, so there were many juxtapositions between art and events in the East and West during this time period.

There was a hyperrealistic sculpture of a Tampa police officer beating a black protester (1968) in the lobby. This work is from Duane Hanson [], Macalester graduate. Love and miss my school.

I was so surprised that what got my heart going the most was a painting with 15 circles and a dot moving out of the center to fight its way out. My photo is really not that fantastical, but it was like a storyline of triumph. So good.

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