Day 42: Wolfsburg Autostadt

by Jon February. 11, 2012 4106 views

Bugatti- An Art Exhibit

Gerhard brought me to the Wolfsburg Autostadt: a project by Volkswagon that has created a small city, the city of the car. There is a museum of cars from the Model-T to the Porsche (with a larger percentage of VW, of course). Laut Gerhard ist es ein kleines Vermögen. I’d agree. An unbelievable collection of cars. The main building has information about design, there’s also an incredibly luxurious 5-star hotel (5 course meal for €125 per person). And there was one building, where they had mounted a Lamborghini on the wall, and they cast lighting on it, make fog, and big noises for 10 minutes. Neither Gerhard nor I understood that. There are two twenty-story towers filled with cars, like a gigantic display. A Food-court and, of course, there is a show-room, where buyers can also pick up their fresh new car.

Then there was a building with an art exhibit, including this Bugatti. According to the lady working there, it is a €1,8 Million car. Unbelievably expensive and luxurious. They have sold less than 35 of them in all of Germany. Now keep in mind that this is an art exhibit. The car has been covered with a mirror coating that is so sensitive to scratches, that this car is not driven.

This got my goat. Though I am a huge proponent of art, what a waste of resources. I just don’t get it. Of course, I found it interesting, and it did get me thinking. My thoughts were about the ways that we reflect the value of ourselves in material objects. And what object more than the car, especially in Germany, where the Auto is king. However, there are a billion other was to create this than to waste some (supposedly) valuable car.

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