Day 57: Orientation on Vacation

by Jon February. 26, 2012 5153 views

Lovely Art Installation in Prague

My first impressions of Prague was tourists everywhere. This has turned out to only be a partial truth. It seemed like a gigantic museum: pretty buildings, lots of souvenir shops, etc. At first I really had to work to appreciate some type of authenticity that the city had to offer.

This is also coupled by my lack of interest in the pre-modern. It sounds heady, but I have just lost interest in most of the world events before the 19th century. Berlin was such a modern city, with a mix of buildings, but Prague is totally preserved, due to little bombing in WWII. The Middle Ages are cute and important, but somehow seemingly boring for my interests right now.

Then I realized that I had only seen a fraction of the city. It takes a bit of searching to find “a place” in a city. On our tour, sometimes I struggled to put the histories into context, as I had gotten so used to in Berlin. But the Czech history is different but connected. The tour did show many gems, including this sculpture, which contrasts with a sculpture outside in a city square here (where the horse is right-side-up).

This break has been much needed for a couple reasons. Realizing that my German is proficient (i.e. realizing that I can't speak/read any Czech) and learning to love a new city (taking away the direct shock of being in Vienna/not in Berlin).

At any rate, much left to see. Experiencing a city in a five-day vacation is impossible.

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