Day 85: Riesenrad

by Jon March. 25, 2012 5364 views

The View toward home from the gigantic Ferriswheel

Jarod and I took a walk to the Prater, which is the gigantic park and amusement park a couple blocks away. The 212-foot-tall Riesenrad is the 2nd largest Ferris wheel in Europe, I believe. You get to go once around, which kind of ruins the suspense of a normal Ferris wheel, where you wonder if it's the end. But the view is killer.

The structure of the wheel is also beautiful. It was built in 1897 and is the world's largest extant Ferris wheel. I love the raw steel aesthetic. Each rivet is visible on the structure. For me, it's seeing each piece of labor that was put into the creation of such a marvel.

It's a wonder that it still stands, actually. It was slated for demolition in 1916, but due to lack of funds (read World War I?) it was not demolished. Also, burnt down in a fire in 1944. But it's still there today, with a reduced gondola capacity of 15, rather than the earlier number 30.

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