Day 106: Just Another Day with Trains and Swat Teams

by Jon April. 15, 2012 4639 views

Fußball Fans on the Train Platform

We took a day train back from Poland, an eight-hour trip back from Poland. We had one low-quality regional train and then a higher quality train for the second leg. I wrote so many blog posts.

We had so many złoty to rid of, so we bought a whole lot of baked goods right before we left Poland for good.

On the first train, there was a German-speaking girls soccer team doing the macarena a few compartments away. They got off the train and were doing there little cheers. They were peppy, and I'm sure that they had plenty of spirit and confidence.

A minute later in the tunnel to our platform, a group of cheering men came from the other direction. At first I thought it was a mens team. By the time we all got to the platform, it was obviously more than just a team. An entire crowd of polish soccer fans was cheering their way to the platform. But the swat team following them all changed to feeling in the air. Needless to say, the faces of the teenage girls turned pale white, and they got out of the way.

Well then the fans proceeded to light a couple of emergency flares, and the police force was keeping a strong watch over them. Luckily a nice old polish man walked by us and assured us, “It's okay. Football.”

You don't mess with the Poles, apparently.

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