Day 117: Universität Sportzentrum

by Jon April. 26, 2012 4013 views

View from Auf der Schmelz II over the sports fields

Sometimes, I end up putting so much worth upon my dance courses on study abroad, mostly because they are a time when my success should not be dependent on language, unlike other times that my language proficiency is at the crux of my life.

However, Ballet and I never have gotten off on the right foot. I should have learned terminology better. This is truth. But I get frustrated that ballet insists upon putting dance into language, and it's always in french. I have a hard enough time recalling them all when they're pronounced with a mid-western accent, but in german, sometimes I just can't catch it.

And I just can never feel comfortable in ballet class because I always feel like I'm being watched by some critical eye. I keep trying to work myself through it, let myself dance, but I always feel under pressure and inadequate.

I have become a child of contemporary dance. Tuesdays don't really bring any of those feelings, but Thursdays do.

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