Day 137: Struwwelpeter

by Jon May. 16, 2012 5650 views

Entrance to the Burgtheater

So I typically hate this building. The Burgtheater (in case I haven't bothered to complain about it in the past months) is a monstrous theatre. It was built with about three balcony levels (like any “respectable” theatre). And as students, with reduced-price tickets, we get stuck almost at the tip-top.

For this show, which was a concert-like, rough adaptation of the storybook Struwwelpeter [], they designers had the bright idea to build a thrust. Too bad that this was entirely out of view for anyone who had gotten cheap tickets. What should I expect from a theatre that was built for the eyes of the emperor and his nobles?

As a theatre-maker, I feel that there is some responsibility to ensure that the experience of the audience is audibly and visibly accessible. But in my experience in such a ridiculously classed theatre it seems to be either impossible or never taken into consideration.

But this picture turned out nice. You can see a tiny fraction of the grandiose theater: the austrian eagles and the faux-stone. It's so very viennese.

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