Day 155: Kunst und Kanal

by Jon June. 03, 2012 5015 views

Dancing underneath the Franzensbrücke

I spent my morning in the Kunst Haus Wien, another one of Hundertwassers creations in the city. It has a Dauerausstellung of Hundertwasser's work. Artistically he doesn't have an endless supply of technical genius. But it's pretty well thought out art. I feel like all of his art can be connected to concepts of Versöhnung (reconciliation). Whether it be the “divide” betweens humans and nature (the man designed houses with tree growing out the windows) or between Israelis and Palestinians (he designed national flags, including a Combined Israeli Palistinean Flag [].

But it also had me wishing that someone had told me as a kid that all kinds of styles of art are valuable. One elementary art teacher always berated me for drawing my lines to thick and dark. So I always thought that my abilities were not suited to art (what I now dub realism). Hundertwasser's art demonstrates that. Many of his drawings look like the work of a child but are still very interesting.

I had actually gone there, because it was the last day of Head 2 Head Politik und Image, an exhibition examining the way that political image is shaped through media (including this 1976 debate between Carter and Ford []; as the sound cut out, they just stood around looking silly and afraid to make a move). The installation was pretty good, but I was tired of looking by the time that I got to it.

That evening, I headed to Franzensbrücke for the end of the Donaukanaltreiben, and got a little dancing in for the end of the day.

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