Day 200: Getting Back On That Horse, Metaphorically Speaking

by Jon July. 18, 2012 4557 views

Spending an evening (kind of) at the fair

I went into town around dinner time, so that I could see people and it was really refreshing. I mostly wandered with Jarod around the fairgrounds talking, emptying garbage cans, and running into people.

I was completely shocked when I went to the fair, because of the whole running into people thing. I have gotten so used to knowing noone everywhere that I go, that being back in Roseau (and at arguably the biggest event of the year) meant seeing people all over.

Every two feet at the fair, I had somebody new to say hi to. This was a good reminder that I was frustrated the day before, not completely alone.

I've just been feeling not quite like I can put down roots in Roseau in 3 weeks, but then again, two months wouldn't be much, either.

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