Claddagh Coffee, West 7th

by Jon October. 04, 2013 4104 views

On a rainy Friday morning, I picked up my friend Birgit in order to get a package from the Post Office on West 7th, and afterwards we went to Claddagh Coffee.

This place has long-standing building kind of feel, with rough wood plank floors and a brick walls. It was really cozy for the fall morning. A woman sat next to us knitting, and a few conversations happened around us. I sat and slowly edited some things for my Fulbright application, while Birgit and I conversed intermittently.

The tables were decently sized for two people to work at them, and it is off campus enough for me to be in a different brain space (the entire point of the project, in a way).

The irish flag is hung proudly on the wall, hearkening back to a long running history of St. Paul and Irishness. There is also a delightful assortment of chandeliers hanging around the coffee shop.

The prices are a bit high for my tastes BUT the tea that I had was entirely worth it. The Rhubarb Oolong was to die for. And getting a whole pot of it, rather than just a mug is always a plus. The topper is that, I was going to buy some more, and they were willing to just fill the tea pot up with more hot water for free.

I love the West 7th neighborhood in general. The houses have character, and it's busy but not too busy.

At 9:00 a.m. on a Friday, the place was pleasantly full, but not cripplingly so.

So, summary: cozy, classy, spendy, irish.

*Excuse the poor quality cell phone photos. This project ain't about the pictures anymore.

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