Kopplin's Coffee

by Jon October. 05, 2013 3874 views

Good Taste is the motto of this joint, and I wouldn't disagree.

I came in around 10:30 on a Saturday Morning to a busy coffee shop. Maybe I had Marshall Ave. on the brain, because my brother is looking at an apartment around these parts.

There were a big group sitting near the front, some singles at their bar seating, and the back had some empty seats. I had to wait a while to get my tea, an “experimental” black tea.

I found my way to one of the tables in the back in the meantime. These little marble tabletops are hardly big enough for both my computer and my tea. I wouldn't want to be at this table with another person. But for that, there are a couple of larger wooden tables, which some patrons end up sharing. Jazz plays in the background

My tea was delicious, but there's something about this atmosphere that doesn't jive for me. I kind of hate talk of “authenticity,” but there's something that I can put my figure on about the atmosphere. I think it feels a little austere for my tastes. Maybe it's of the clean lines and marble or maybe it's the furniture arrangement. The art on the walls is totally interesting, but I'm not really interested in doing my homework in an art gallery.

I have been here before, and they're baked goods are worth a mention. I doubt that they're made in house, but they do have a selection of interesting sweets that are worth a look, the price is the deterrent.

Kopplin's also goes on the list of splurges. My tea was 3.50, which seems a bit much to me, but it was a heft cup with good quality taste. But I think the atmosphere isn't quite worth the price.

The workers are super friendly with a sense of humor, but the clientele is busy with their own work and talks (drastic in comparison with the Bean Factory, for example). Not that that's a bad thing or necessarily surprising.

Spendy, austere, quality, a bit cool (temperature-wise), and bustling.

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