2007 NOV 05 | FLYGLOBESPAN Premiere | 1

by Jorge Abreu November. 05, 2007 3001 views

Closing the magnificent two weeks of the starting winter season, the last premiere at Madeira, Flyglobespan!

As always with the welcome bath provided by ANAM - Madeira Airports

Ok, let's start catching the first landing of Flyglobespan in Madeira! OH NO! the people from the airport put some aircrafts parked in a stand where we cannot take pictures without catching the heat waves from the APU. bahhh!

2nd try! OK, trying now! OH NO!! the ATC's manage to send the aircrafts ready to take-off right to the Taxiway C, exactly in the little window where EVERYBODY in the terrace could see something!

They always say: At third time that it is! Ok, i catch at 3rd time, but not how i wanted: THE FIRST TOUCH DOWN! So finally a clean shot! Very nice this livery!

The cannon is alreay pointed to the aircraft :P And the colors combine

Notice, shadow until the aircraft, sunlight just after the aircraft. I think it's the first time that the weather was not great in these Winter 2007 premiere's

As always in stand A06, a good idea to ANAM make the bath in the stand, a greater view for the public, the trucks of the fire department don't stay stuck in the mood of the security lane of the runway!

Again, a very nice livery

The shadow of the light pole had to stay exactly there :S

The phones of TRIAM, bright and shiny!

OK, all set, the first trip is complete! ;) As Groundforce, Triam people are well composed (dressed and looking)…

The airport: AEROPORTO DA MADEIRA. The new airlines this year: Last Week the one in background: STERLING, This Week FLYGLOBESPAN

backtracking for departure

g g g g g g

See you next week?

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Sherij 13 years, 10 months ago

I thought this was very cool!! Why did the fire turcks spray the plane??? Awesome report and great shots!!!

13 years, 10 months ago Edited
Rui Sousa 13 years, 10 months ago

LOL, at #1 and #2 you should be used to...they've done the same in every other Premiers....Nice report and indeed a nice livery.

13 years, 10 months ago Edited
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