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A growth-service-oriented person for the past twenty-three years, Jose Miguel “Migs” Lisbona, worked in the hotel and restaurant, academic services and human development fields. Currently residing in Davao, Davao del Sur, Philippines, he is engaged as a life-coach, a “fire-starter”, encouraging others and/or groups to express and expand their strengths and abilities. Preparing a safe space for his clients to connect, play and practice their expressions. Being with them through collaboration in their hopeful journey until they shine in their passion. He is also a practicing Pranic healer.

Photography for him is about capturing the profound in the mundane and sometimes profane. Generally a street shooter, documentary and a contemplative photographer. His unique strength as an empath and is often commissioned to document important events .

"What I look at disappears and what is left is what I see, the essence of something yet to be."

He believes in the brilliance that resides within each person, and it is his fervent desire to inspire that spark so everybody can become centers upon themselves, and ultimately centers for others. It is his ardent purpose to remind and encourage A BRILLIANT LIFE because once everybody is living this, it will be in-deed a life lived living.

For consultations or coaching please connect with him through [email protected]


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