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Imagery is the inspiration of the soul. From the frozen Boundary Waters in Northern Minnesota to the beaches of Caribbean, Colombia, South America and points in-between is where I have been witness to some of my most awe inspiring moments.

We currently live in Farmington, Minnesota, on the edge of the great expanse of Midwestern farm country. Endless prairies and fields of corn, soybean and other crops that stretch to the horizons. The hardworking folk that live in this region typically do not have alarm clocks, nor do they work 9-5. Sunrise is their wake up call and rest time generally comes long after sunset.

Northern Minnesota is still a great wilderness area, the forest and mining industries being primary to the survival of those who have the strength to live there. Hunting, fishing and other game sports help to provide sustenance.

Living north of the snow line, one must get relief in the form of heading south at least once a year. My wife being from Colombia, we call the Caribbean our second home. Traveling the coastline, meeting the amazing people, swimming in the ocean, enjoying the food all are our way of recharging our internal batteries.

Please enjoy the imagery we have witnessed along our life's journey.


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